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    The Most Impactful Female Solution of 2021

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    When 'going to town' without a condom, everyone involved ends up leaking in one way or another.

    If the man pees afterwards (as they should too) he's all sorted, while the rest of us have 'dripping' to add to our long list of female inconveniences.  

    When we pee afterwards, not only does the 'goop' not disappear, but some of us have to experience that lovely drip while at work the next day. 

    Is it fair? 


    What can we do anyway? 

     ...I’ve tried sitting on the toilet, I’ve waited. I even learned kegels. But right as I thought I got rid with it, I would ALWAYS leak, until...” - Mandy, BeaBloss Customer 

    You see, most of the ‘honey’ stays near the beehive entrance, if you catch my drift.

    But the issue is that it takes quite a while to find the exit since it's so sticky.

    This is a problem for so many women, but most don't talk about it because let’s be honest… Who would have thought there’d be a solution?! 

     When I first heard about byehoney, I thought, surely this isn’t a thing. The occasion came up where I got the chance to try it, and sure enough… a week later and my bedside drawer is now filled with these little helpful sponges.” - Joanna, BeaBloss Customer 

    ByeHoney is a soft and squishy medical-grade sponge (with bigger holes than normal sponges) specifically designed to soak up that sticky 'honey' after sex.  

    Wondering how it works?

    Pretty simple.

    Just insert it gently as you would a tampon, give it a little twist and remove it.

    That’s it! You’re done, and can move on with your day without having to worry about any little surprises. 

    Click here to see if they are still in stock :)

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    Amber calendar_today

    You guys should look at the OG cumsponge. Cheaper, more research and development and ships free to ANZ. Drip Stick from Awkward Essentials.

    Laura calendar_today

    Is this really necessary?

    Lauren calendar_today

    Finally!! I’ve been looking for this for years. Never thought someone would actually make one. This is pure genius

    Olivia calendar_today

    These damn ads really know how to get ya don’t they. I was just complaining about this problem to myself literally 3 days ago and now I’m reading a blog about it. Can’t say I’m mad though

    Rachel calendar_today

    I didn’t think i’d be reading about cum sponges at 2am but here I am, and i’m actually glad! hahah I never knew this was a common problem, I’m glad someone’s finally talking about it.

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