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    Tay's story (this cracked us up 😂)

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    I’ve been with my husband for 6 years now and we’ve always loved having sex without a condom. But when it comes to leaking afterwards...
    I wish that wasn’t a part of it. 

    Who really wants that unsettling feeling that randomly pops up throughout the day?

    But... if we wanted to enjoy each other fully, then I guess, what cums up must come down 😂

    I’ve always thought this was unsettling but never talked to anyone about it.

    Then something really random happened. One of my girlfriends (that apparently has mind-reading powers🥱🙄) recommended me a little soft thing on a stick called byehoney. She explained how it works and showed me that it’s super safe.

    No more dripping? We argued a bit, I thought she was pulling my leg.

    Even though I kinda hate it when she’s right, I was excited to try it... could this be as good as people make it out to be on the internet?

    So finally THE night arrived... we ended up rolling off the bed, but I won’t go into any details here...

    Once we were done and had caught our breath, I ran to the bathroom, opened the pack and quickly slipped it in. 

    Honestly, it wasn't bad, but now that I’ve tried it again, it’s a lot smoother when I wait a moment for his ‘honey’ to fall a little for ‘ease of entry’.

    Anyway, I twisted and pulled like the instructions and wow! I never realised, his ‘stuff’ is kind of yellow, wtf??

    What’s more strange though is that now I feel even more comfortable when we are together, maybe because I know there's no downside to sex anymore.

    Moral of the story… I’d say it gets rid at least 95% depending on his day hehe, and the good news is that I don’t have to feel that uncomfortable sensation anymore.

    God damnit! My friend was right 😂

    So thank you for caring, Beabloss!

    Your staff are lovely too!

    Happy to write you a review.

    Regards, Tay

    Tay - Beabloss Customer


    Where can you find byehoney? Click here

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    Amber calendar_today

    I would check out the original CumSponge in Awkward Essentials “Drip Stick.” Its the OG and has tons more research and development behind it. Plus its cheaper and ships free to ANZ.

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