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    Is Intravaginal Cleaning Safe?

    Isn't intravaginal cleaning harmful? - said Kathy, now a Beabloss customer

    Yes, that’s actually true. There’s plenty of studies that show harmful chemicals present in vaginal cleansing products, such as wipes, washes and douches.

    byehoney™ (aka the friendly neighbourhood cum sponge) is not included in any of these studies. It is only used quickly to soak-up excess fluids left after sex, rather than ‘cleaning your insides’ with harmful chemicals. 

    To be sure we uphold the safety of byehoney™, we use the same sterilisation agent (Ethylene Oxide) that is used in vaginal swabs, and in 50% of all medical supplies that require a high level of disinfection. Always hold byehoney™ by the handle, never by the sponge!

    Another question we get is, can’t byehoney cause micro-tears in the vaginal canal?

    This is actually a common issue for women using an intuitive alternative (tampons) to remove the post-sex drip. Since tampons are made to absorb large amounts of liquid, there’s a chance of micro-tears and bleeding when there isn't a large amount of liquids to begin with.

    byehoney™ on the other hand is a super-soft medical-grade sponge made specifically for the post-sex drip. It only stays in the vaginal canal for seconds at a time, and is able to do its job without risking micro-tears, as long as there’s excess fluids present in the vagina (there is no benefit in inserting a byehoney™ if it’s completely dry). 

    We do understand that nothing works perfectly for everyone. If it causes you any discomfort, please discontinue use and email us for advice, feedback or a refund. 

    Lastly we've also gotten some concerns about byehoney increasing the chances of STIs.

    byehoney™ is NOT made to protect against STIs or conception, it’s simply a tool to remove excess fluids from the vaginal canal. We ALWAYS encourage safe sex practices and STD testing when with new partners so you don’t run any risks of infection. 

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